Downtown Vancouver Real Estate

Robert Shiller on the Vancouver Real Estate Market

From Sept 6, 2012


6 responses to “Downtown Vancouver Real Estate”

  1. boobtubereborn Avatar

    wow 7 views and this guy is a weapon. 7 people saved is better than none.

  2. Shiller is trying very hard to hold back in order to avoid scaring people, but you can tell he’s very pessimistic about the Canadian market.

  3. The Boston vs Toronto graph shows steady growth in comparison to Boston’s bubble and burst. It would be interesting to hear what Robert Shiller thinks about the influence of hot money investing in Toronto real estate. I really believe that is part of the issue here in Toronto, international investors and sovereign wealth funds impacting our asset values.

  4. Kelly Lambert Avatar
    Kelly Lambert

    Where have all the real estate bulls gone?

    In hiding, impossible to defend your silly statements at this point.

    “Vancouver looks like California to me.” LOL, exactly.

  5. TheBruro22 Avatar

    It’s different here

  6. dyno mike Avatar
    dyno mike

    This dude is a Shill

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