Selling Real Estate in Vancouver, BC

Leslie Miletich (Re/Max) Real Estate Video – North Vancouver, West Vancouver, BC

My name is Leslie Miletich with Remax Masters. I have been offering trusted advice to families for over 21 years when they are buying or selling their North Vancouver or West Vancouver real estate.
Call me today at 604.644-6467 or visit for a free market snapshot of your neighborhood home sales.

Music: Cheer Up Your Not Dead Yet; By Blockhead.

Filming/ Editing by Alexi Liotti; For Renaissance Marketing BC.


2 responses to “Selling Real Estate in Vancouver, BC”

  1. OCDistribution Avatar

    Awesome beach! Gorgeous!!

  2. Kelly Lambert Avatar
    Kelly Lambert

    Well Leslie, it was a good run…..but it’s OVA baby!

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