Sauder School of Business

My Name is Dan – (I’m on a boat Parody) UBC Sauder School of Business

Directed by Peter Zhao
Executive Producer: Johannes Rebane
Assistant Producer: Grace Lau

Support from:
Akari Productions ( )

Ben Chen (
Peter Zhao (
Johannes Rebane ( )

Dean Dan:
Quentin Franco
Adrian “Edo” Chih:
Tom Tang
Naheel Jawaid
Matty K.
Dan Muller

Original Music by: “The Lonely Island”
Performed by: Ben Chen, Johannes Rebane, Peter Zhao
Arranged/Produced by: Johannes Rebane
Lyrics by: Johannes Rebane
Assistant Producer: Peter Zhao


Thank you Dean Dan for being an inspiration to us at Sauder:

For your 13 years of service as a driving force for educational change. For your dedication to creating a close-knit community among the students, faculty, and staff. For propelling us to learn and achieve with good humour and an open imagination.

We will miss you dearly.

This video is intended to be a tribute in good humour: a visual aid in our expression of thanks and gratitude.



16 responses to “Sauder School of Business”

  1. Ben Chen Avatar
    Ben Chen

    1:43 Asian James Franco

  2. btblaney1 Avatar


  3. unseenpratt Avatar

    This…is…beautiful! Jo, you definitely sacked up

  4. doctormister Avatar

    What’s up with all the shouting?

  5. rrredify Avatar

    When I say Dean, you say Dan
    Dean Dan
    Dean Dan!!
    You will be missed!

  6. Alfred Fan Avatar
    Alfred Fan

    17 ppl are from SFU Beedie

  7. Lionel J Avatar
    Lionel J

    It’s up to 18 people from SFU, or maybe it’s an SFU/Queens split

  8. Jennifer Bradshaw Avatar
    Jennifer Bradshaw

    loooooooooooove it! great job Johannes 😉

  9. behfaly Avatar

    So entertaining. Well done!

  10. Nicolas Lee Avatar
    Nicolas Lee

    super lol.. r we even allowed to mention sfu? hahhaha

  11. Channypogosticks Avatar

    LOL I’m applying, hope i get in

  12. Chris Hut Avatar
    Chris Hut

    Needs more hats

  13. angrynoob3333 Avatar

    to be honest i didn’t think this was funny nor laugh/smile throught this video

  14. vermylenp Avatar

    but queen has a better commerce program

  15. jojiaowzhang Avatar

    Asian James Franco Loll

  16. JenniMaikoBradshaw Avatar

    Nice, over 10k views!!! Great job 🙂

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