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Many of my clients are applying for mortgage refinancing in order to keep on track with their financial goals. A home refinance can be beneficial in many ways when today’s’ mortgage rates are at historically low levels and you have available equity in your home.

I can review your home mortgage and help you save money. My application process is simple and efficient as I can have your mortgage approved in 24 to 72 hours.

Mortgage Refinancing in Canada Continues at Low Rates

Low refinancing rates have helped consumers save money by paying off their existing mortgages and debts. This year has seen some of the lowest fixed rates in history which make this an ideal time to use home equity to refinance a mortgage and save money. The last few years have seen real estate prices appreciate anywhere from 25% to 50% in some areas of Canada. There is more equity available in homes to pay off existing debts such as credit cards, credit lines, car loans and other personal loans. Another useful strategy is to renovate an existing home to increase its value for the long term, or before selling it to get a higher price. Using home equity at today’s low refinance rates is one of the best options to do this.

With fixed mortgage rates around the 3% mark, monthly mortgage payments can be kept to a very reasonable amount while other debt payments are eliminated. A typical mortgage payment per $100,000 is approximately $450 monthly at current rates. Have a look at your current financial situation and decide if a mortgage refinance would help you save money at this time. As an experienced mortgage broker, I can help assist you with calculating monthly savings for you using a before and after projection.

The average mortgage refinance takes about 2 weeks to close and requires very little time on the consumers part. A simple online application can get the process started and an approval can be arranged in less than 24 hours. Documents for the refinance will be sent to your lawyer and you will only need to make one visit to their office to complete the transaction.


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