Vancouver Real Estate

Is Canadian Real Estate in trouble, Vancouver real estate bubble and China’s real-estate bubble

What would happen in Vancouver if China’s real-estate bubble were to burst? Would Vancouvers bubble burst and what would be the repercussions. Should China’s real-estate bubble actually burst, what effect would it have on our market? Obviously a local price collapse would make overseas investment less attractive. One Vancouver broker with whom I spoke said, “Obviously, the outcome would be detrimental” to housing values here in the Lower Mainland.

Of course, such a collapse would reach beyond just housing prices in our corner of the world: stoppage of housing development in China would in turn affect traffic in raw materials, the hiring of labour, and beyond; well past the scope of this article.

China would surely do everything in its power to prevent such a collapse from happening; it’s only a matter of how bad Beijing considers “bad” to be. The point is that the bubble bursting is not unthinkable